A Really Bright Light

13606714_1699784106939538_6574696517463532567_nSo, I like to brows Aliexpress and I was looking for LED Lights when I came across these hundred watt LEDs. I immediately thought, why not build something a little ridiculous. These 100 watt diodes that took 32 volts, which matched with my 60 volt power supply that I had salvaged from an old C-500 Power amplifier. LEDs needing heat dissipation so it also works well with this amplifier bank as it was already mounted on a heat sink. 

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Starting Off

This is hopefully the first of many posts about random things I want to build. I wanted a way to share, keep track of and organize both my thought process and the results of such.

The first project:


Winter Gardening, Inside

I live were it is cold and darker for many months of the year. at first I tried planter boxes because, why not and square foot gardening is all the rage. This did not work out but i still wanted somewhere to grow my veggies all year and the dying seedlings was getting expensive.

I wanted a year round way to get veggies and in the summer make strong seedlings I could cheaply experiment with.

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