A Really Bright Light

13606714_1699784106939538_6574696517463532567_nSo, I like to brows Aliexpress and I was looking for LED Lights when I came across these hundred watt LEDs. I immediately thought, why not build something a little ridiculous. These 100 watt diodes that took 32 volts, which matched with my 60 volt power supply that I had salvaged from an old C-500 Power amplifier. LEDs needing heat dissipation so it also works well with this amplifier bank as it was already mounted on a heat sink. 

Basic Electrical Diagram: Take the 60 VDC Power supply that supplies 2 channels of 60V and put at least 2 diodes in series for each one (for a slightly under-driven diode), I wanted 10 to have 1kW but 8 was easier in this set up.


Diodes arrived and they were as expected so I quickly tested it by using one of these cool little devices  with a 12 volt solar battery, they were really bright so I put one into a corrugated poly box.

13606714_1699784106939538_6574696517463532567_n (1)

Note: it is so bright you can’t see the ribs on the box because of my cellphone camera’s lack of contrast. We also noticed that it produced enough heat, that the box was warm to the touch.

We plugged it all in and used a double throw switch I found from an old PLC rated for 600VDC and 150 Amps (safety first, for once). We soldered them into groups of two and tested half of each cluster together.



Note: This is only the after-glow from the discharge of the capacitors, they wouldn’t shine brightly but would continue to glow for minutes after.

I added a foil box and some foil tape to reflect light and dissipate heat from the wires. The LEDs themselves were put on with thermal paste and machine screws. I also added some cardboard to channel air and a fan for added cooling.


All in all, a nice looking product, we also added a Fresnel lens but it didn’t help focus the light as much as I wanted, and was kind of in the way.


You can see here that its pretty bright, bright enough that me in the foreground is completely black. I think we need a better camera to truly tell how bright this is.



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