Plants are growing!

It’s been about two weeks and I’m just making a quick little progress, lessons learned and photo session. Some problems were identified I have some ideas how I want to fix them. On the bright side, here’s a picture of my broccoli rabe with some of it’s first true leaves:


So first of all problems:


Cheap and lazy me and the wife have been using this:


Probably not the best as it flattens some of the seedlings with big blobs of water:


Also noted, there is a broccoli rabe with my swiss chard. Its what I get for having a four year old helping me plant seeds. To remedy this I think there’s two options, I’m thinking of getting a mister or get some 1/8” pipe clogged with a rag and bury it just below the dirt so that it will weep into the soil when needed like a watering bulb.

If I use the mister, i’m not sure it will be easy to evenly water the plants when they get bigger and I think it will be time consuming.

Using the hose; I want to eventually transition to a buried perforated hose and a timed watering circuit. the problem with this being the control of moisture content since the plants deplete the water at an uneven rate. options are color mapped camera or capacitance probe.


Initially I wanted to control escaping humidity but I think the plants were suffocating. the leaves crumpled and twisted so I took off covers and the stalks immediately straightened over the course of hours.

new seedlings, however, I’m going to need to wrap them with cling film to keep in moisture.

lastly I got a plug timer and with some adaptation it’s doing it’s job. some plants need less light and I have moved them to the edges. I may need to adjust light duration or use a second timer for shorter lighting periods.

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